Encountering the Falcon Lake Incident

Have you ever heard the tale of the strange incident that took place in the forest north of the ranch in May 1967? A prospector's unexplained sighting led to bizarre behaviour, burns, and a story that will raise the hairs on the back of your neck. The Falcon Lake Incident was the subject of the most recent "Tales from Falcon Lake" (Story #10) by Lyndon Froese, which you can find on the Falcon Trails Resort website: http://falcontrailsresort.com/close-encounters-of-the-2nd-kind/

Currently one of the only ways to access the remote site is by horseback, over a rugged rocky ridge, departing from here at Falcon Beach Ranch Once you arrive at the site and dismount your horse, your guide - well-versed in the history of the event and the reverberations throughout the Falcon Lake community - leads you through the event as it unfolded, where it unfolded.

Whether you remember the story from your childhood, from its appearance on Unsolved Mysteries, or whether its news to you, the Falcon Lake Incident is a piece of Manitoba's history!

Photos by Emily Christie

Photos by Emily Christie