Offering a diverse range of services & products for your horse, your garden, or your campsite.

Horse Boarding

Whether you’re travelling through or planning to stay, consider boarding your horse at Falcon Beach Ranch. Our corrals provide a great place for your horse to stretch its legs after a long, cross-country drive or to rest after you spend the day riding our trails. For short-term boarding we offer well-maintained outdoor corrals with access to water or standing stalls. Long-term boarding may be available upon request.

You’re welcome to stay, too! Rent one of our log cabins, or camp overnight in your trailer for $15/night.

**UPDATE SUMMER 2017 - Due to an outbreak of Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA or "Swamp Fever") in Manitoba, all incoming horses are required to provide proof of a recent negative Coggins test prior to arrival. **

Boarding Rates


Overnight (6 pm – 9 am)    $25 for one horse, $10 per additional horse

Daily (9 am – 6 pm)            $25 for one horse, $10 per additional horse

Half Day (9 am – 1 pm)      $15 for one horse, $5 per additional horse

Standing Stall

Overnight (6 pm – 9 am)    $15 per horse

Daily (9 am – 6 pm)            $15 per horse

Half Day (9 am – 1 pm)      $10 per horse

Clean-up is your responsibility for corral and standing stall boarding. Rates do not include feed. Feed can be purchased at market price.


Horse Training

All of the horses here at the Ranch are trained in-house by Devin and Murray Imrie. During the spring and fall we will accept a limited number of horses for training. We specialize in starting young and/or untrained horses using the Parelli Natural Horsemanship method. All training is done using Western saddles and tack.

$45 Hourly Rate - Minimum 10 hours per horse

Add $6 per day for boarding; add $0.75 per km for trailering.


All-Natural Composted Topsoil

Give your garden a boost with our all-natural composted topsoil. We use natural composting methods to convert our horse manure into high nutrient soil with absolutely no odor remaining. Ideal for gardens, planters, lawn dressing, or larger landscaping projects. Available for bulk pickup or delivery. Ask about our contractor rates for large bulk purchases.

$20 per yard, loaded. $15 per yard for 3 yards or more.

$40 per trip delivery to Falcon Lake area


Firewood Bundles

We have dry firewood bundles available to fuel your evening campfire.

$7 per bundle or 3 bundles for $20