Hi! This is us, the Imries (Devin and Kendra and our kiddos Thomas and Harriet), and Falcon Beach Ranch is our home and family business. We’re the second generation of Imries here, following in the footsteps of Marg and Murray, who built the Ranch into what it is today.

2018 marked the 40th anniversary of Imries at Falcon Beach Ranch. It was 40 years since Murray and a partner purchased the Ranch - what was then a barn, a corral, a trailer, and a dozen or so horses. Over the years, the ranch grew to become a year round business with log cabins, a gift shop & staff bunkhouse, many more horses (47 currently!) and the log house we now call home.

Growing up at the Ranch, Devin was involved in all things Ranch, from making hay and training horses, to being handyman and helping on his dad’s trapline. After a couple of degrees and some time living in Nunavut, we realized that our hearts belonged to the Whiteshell and the ranch lifestyle. We share this adventure with both of our families, so you may be greeted by an Imrie or an Ulrich, or even a super-awesome summer staff (who feel like family). We hope to meet you soon!